2021 in Review

On the 1st January 2021, Carbeth Home Farm launched its brand new website, where we set out our response to the multiple crises of climate breakdown, biodiversity collapse, and a deeply uncertain future for farming as a result of these and other political pressures. What has happened in the year since that day?

Farmer Lawrence!

In February, Lawrence bravely left his job to become a full time farmer! Lawrence, we’re still waiting for that story please.



In May 2021, we welcomed four young, pedigree Galloway cows to Carbeth Home Farm. Their breeder, Maggie Gordon, from Barfil Farm, carefully preserves the ancient genetics of the breed, retaining the hardiness and small size that make these animals so well suited to conservation grazing. 

Northwoods Rewilding Network

In June Carbeth Home Farm and neighbouring Little Drumquharn joined Northwoods – a network created by Scotland the Big Picture to support and facilitate small scale rewilding and ecological restoration projects in Scotland. Northwoods funded our wetland restoration project at the end of the year.

Woodland wild flowers

In August we had the huge privilege to be visited by forestry consultant, Rick Worrel, and ecology researcher, Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor. They told us about many of the wonderful plants and wild flowers that are already right under our noses in our ancient woodlands, and discussed how we can help our younger woodlands on their path to greater biodiversity.

Lichen – photo by Samantha Lyth


We were fortunate to benefit from Carbeth House resident, Samantha Lyth’s writing skills, knowledge and passion for birds, plants and other wildlife. Sam wrote five wonderful blog posts, inviting members of the local community to enjoy Carbeth and its wildlife. 

School Visit

Pupils from McLaren High School visited Carbeth Home Farm in November. Here’s what their teacher had to say:

I was really impressed at the way your estate is run on biodiversity/rewilding principles and how you are integrating this to traditional farming practices - it is my hope the pupils will remember this visit and it will inspire them to follow your example if they go onto their own farms one day! The whole day fitted in really well into our Environmental Science course - for both the Living Environment topic that we have just finished and the Sustainability topic that we will cover in the spring.

Congratulations to Lawrence, Ella & Ollie

Lawrence & Ella were married in August 2021 and baby Ollie was born at the end of November!

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